Posted on: August 24, 2010 8:14 pm

The Hip that doomed Favre

The Fantasy Football Geek known as River Rat dodged a bullet or actually several of them today on the news of Vikings reciever Sidney Rice undergoing surgery.  Out of 17 teams drafted so far, some automated, and some live, none of my teams posessed the talented receiver.  It is my understanding that on some sites games, such as Yahoo,  Rice is in the elite class of "can not drop" player.  It could be interesting to see if that status is relaxed.  Being that at this time, he is expected to miss the first 8 games it might be iffy for those that have him on their roster if they will be allowed to drop.  Always when a player hits the IR, this is the case, but we will have to see.

Now, continuing with this thought, here are Rats Views From The Alley.

It is my understanding that Rice's injured hip was evident at the end of last season.  It is also my understanding that Sidney was encouraged to have surgery on his injured hip during the off season.  Instead, he chose to treat the injury differently.  Now here we are just a couple of short weeks from the opening of the season, and he has gone under the knife.  Be it a mis-diagnosis, or just plain scared of surgery, he has put his team in a bit of a situation.  Last season, Brett Favre and Sidney formed a bond that was evident in the locker room following the loss to the Saints in the NFC championship game with an emotional 45 second embrace between the two.  One wonders if this information was withheld from Favre during the "visits" to talk him into coming back.  If I am Brett, and my favorite target is on the shelf for at least half of the season if not more, and another favorite target was carted off the field in an ambulance from complications from migrains last week, I would be nervous, and maybe even a bit pissed off.  With an absolutley brutal schedule to start the year, (Saints, Dolphins, Jets, Cowboys, Packers, Patriots , the Lions are in there too, but this could turn into a 3-5 start) Brett's last gasp at a Super Bowl ring could be over before his offensive weapons are at full strength.
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